Planet Vapor E-Juice 50 ml Bottle

Planet Vapor E-Juice 50 ml Bottle
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Product Description

Planet Vapor introduces USA Blends, our new line of pure e-juice, 100% made in the USA. PV Blends is available in strengths of High, Medium,Low and None. Our ingredients include: Nicotine Liquid that is sourced in the US and is 99.57% Pure, and meets EU6.0 Medical Grade Standards, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin that are both sourced in the US, are 99.7+% Pure, USP, Food Grade and Kosher, and lastly, FDA approved natural and artificial Flavorings. All of our flavorings are Diacetyl free!

*Every single batch of Planet Vapor Blends is pre-tested to ensure exact nicotine strength*

Every bottle of “PV Blends” e-juice is hand mixed in-house using the most pure ingredients possible. Also, because every bottle of PV Juice is made fresh, we recommend letting our Juices steep for at least a few days so the flavor can reach its fullest potential.